Saturday, February 11, 2012

Farewell Favourites

Its Alex's last Sunday with us after three months and we asked what he would like for dinner. He chose salmon and banana split. Janice and Jennifer volunteered to take care of a course each and Alex chose the wine.

The salmon was placed skin down in a baking dish and covered with a mixture of oregano, olive oil, salt and sesame seeds then baked for 20 min at 180 deg C. It was served with rosemary potato wedges, lemon caper butter sauce and braised cabbage. It was a delicious meal!

Jennifer's banana split was built with sliced bananas, chocolate chip icecream, chocolate sauce (dark chocolate and cream), caramel sauce (butter and brown sugar and cream), sliced almonds and decorated with sliced eskimo sweets. It was a delicious dessert!

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