Sunday, October 9, 2011

Absent Friends & Man-Made Meals

It's Anne's birthday today - Anne of Canada, Anne with the wheelbarrows!  We toasted Anne and wished her a Happy Birthday.   Are you right, Anne?

Happy Birthday Anne

Robert made enough fish cakes for her and Terry made enough mashed potatoes and veges for Anne as well.  Unfortunately Anne is in Canada and we is here.  So we couldn't celebrate her birthday here with her, but we did the next best thing . . .

Robert accused Janice and Jennifer of abrogating their responsibility, but they called it 'delegation' and gave Robert and Terry a free hand to organise and cook the Sunday dinner.  Terry commented that neither of them were right, as the true assessment of the situation was, that the ladies went on strike !  The men were more than happy to exercise their cullinary skills and produce another gastronomic delight while the women exercised their democratic rights.

This all resulted in a beautiful meal of spicy Thai fish cakes made gluten-free by Robert, mashed potatoes expertly mashed to a cream by Terry and stir-fry vegetables (celery, red and yellow capsicum and Portabella mushrooms) fried in lots of butter, also by Terry.

Before the main meal, the first round of crib was won by Jennifer and Terry.  Robert and Janice narrowly avoided a double skunk!!  Between courses the situation was reversed.

The dessert was creme brulee, made by Terry - his best effort so far!  (mind you, all his efforts are pretty good).  The dairy-free version was made with coconut cream.  The real version had added blueberries.  Both were delicious.This is the recipe Terry uses. To make the dairy free version he just substituted coconut cream for cream but made no other changes.

Coconut Brulee

Blueberry Creme Brulee

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