Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tonight's dinner was brought to you by

the letters f & r - we had: Fresh fish pie, French beans, Frisked potatoes, Fresh fruit salad and Frumble.

Jennifer made the best fish pie we have ever had:
Take enough fresh fish for your number of people, 2/3 blue cod, 2/3 smoked hoki. Cut in pieces and put in large dish. Fry onions in butter and lay on top of fish, reserving the left over butter for the white sauce. Add a can of kernel corn (reserving the liquid for the sauce). Add frozen peas and then 6-8 hard boiled eggs cut in half. Make a white sauce with corn kernel liquid, butter, a bit of coconut milk, rice flour, 300 ml milk and a bottle of cream. Pour over, sprinkle grated cheese on top and use gluten free breadcrumbs and grated butter on top of that. Put in moderate oven until warmed through and cheese is melted and crumbs are toasted.

Terry frisked the potatoes with his usual flare. Janice microwaved the french beans expertly and added plenty of butter.

The between course game was won by the evening people.

Jennifer also made the excellent fruit salad - which included marshmallows, dried fruit, glace cherries, fresh pineapple and tinned peaches. It was accompanied by frumble: chop 3 meringues up, add to toasted nuts and sprinkle on the fruit.

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