Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burnt BBQ and Burnt Sugar

The first Sunday night bbq of the season: paleo chicken tenders, lamb chops marinated in red wine, red wine vinegar, Alan Donald's honey, cayenne pepper, minced garlic and olive oil, crumbed sausages, sauted potatoes with rosemary and fried portabella mushrooms with onion. And a dish of coleslaw. The boys managed to burn most of the meat on the bbq but it still tasted really good - the chicken was soft and delish and the chops were a real treat.

The dessert genie again managed to produce excellent, flavoursome, soft, creamy, rich, better-than-the-best-chef-at-the-finest-restaurant brulees in two flavours - eat your heart out Gordon Ramsey! Our two grand-daughters really loved their brulees and watched with great interest while the sugar was burnt on the top. All the dishes were scraped really clean.
The Dairy Brulee
The Coconut Brulee
 The first game was won by Terry and Jennifer - and lost by Robert and Alex.

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