Saturday, January 7, 2012

Its enough to make your hair curl

We have had a few dinners out on Sunday evenings lately, some Sundays have fallen on public holidays and were enjoyed with family and Jennifer has a new pair of curling tongs, curly hair and several burnt fingers...

We had vege sticks and mini poppadums to start, with a dip made of a can of cannellini beans, a shot of fish sauce, a couple of tbs of tahini, the juice of a lemon and a slug of olive oil.  The main course was free range chicken butterflied and roasted with a layer of lemon slices laid on top and some paprika and salt sprinkled over that. The potatoes were parboiled, smashed and sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt before being crisped in a hot oven. Jennifer roasted a medley of vegetables including yellow and green courgettes, kumara, pumpkin, spring onions and carrot.

The first game was won by Terry and Jennifer
Dessert was also by Jennifer - a very yummy fresh fruit salad with melon and berries and a sprinkle of frumble.

The second game was won by Robert and Alex - Janice was washing dishes at the time!

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